Butterfly Masks 3D Colorable


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Creative beauty awaits you with these fancy Breezy Butterfly Masks 3D Colorables featuring beautiful Butterfly designs. 3D Colorables are the amazing DIY colouring toys where you colour, inflate and play with them. Add amazing colour to your Butterfly Masks just as you would with any colouring book, inflate with the included inflating straw and showcase your beautiful Butterfly as a wearable mask. The Butterfly make measures 20cm x 17cm. Colourables can be re-used too, just deflate them with the straw for easy storage.

  • 2 Different Designs
  • Colour with Markers, Crayons, Gel Pens and Coloured Pencils
  • 2 Inflating Straws
  • 2 Elastic Cords
  • 20cm x 17cm