nurtureOne™ Wedge with Cover


The nurtureOne™ Wedge is available covered or uncovered. The cover is pure cotton and removable. The Wedge is used to ensure that your baby’s head is elevated when they are sleeping.

Dimensions: 40 cm x 28 cm
Weight: 150grams (approximate)

The nurtureOne™ story

nurtureOne™ is a proudly South African company run by two occupational therapists and moms, Jen Spiro and Esther Nieder-Heitmann.

The benefits and features of this wonderful range of nurtureOne™ products designed to assist parents to embrace parenthood with ease & well researched support, are evident in the knowledge and experience of these 2 Ladies, and added to that, because the range is manufactured in SA they have intimate control over all aspects of production & quality.