Pull-on soft soled leather shoes


These beautifully made elasticated pull-on soft soled leather shoes are manufactured in south Africa with care and attention given to detail.  Made from white leather with a beautiful heart detail.

We know that bare foot is best for our childs developing feet, but this isn’t always a suitable and practical option.  So what do we do?  We ought to look at the best option with the least limitations, options that offer good flexibility, shoes that are light weight, offer good grip, these criteria all point to soft soled shoes when it comes time to put your Tiny Bundles in shoes.

The best benefit of choosing soft soled shoes to begin with is,  they don’t have structured soles, the soft soles aren’t restrictive on fast growing feet & delicate soft bones.

Light weight and flexibility is the key for young feet, especially when they begin pulling themselves up to stand and eventually walking. The unstructured sole allows them to feel the floor beneath their feet, and eliminate tripping or struggling to begin taking those first steps with heavy bulky shoes.

All hand sewn with love and passion.

Size Guide

  • 0-3mths 10.5cm UK size 0
  • 6-12 mths 12.5cm UK size 3&4